Thursday, July 26, 2012

Bread Pudding

I also made Bread Pudding last weekend, that I learned how to make in my cooking class.  Bread pudding is fairly simple, I had most of the ingredients on hand and it turns into a tasty dessert.

The best thing about bread pudding is it a great use up for day old french bread. You can just keep the stale bread in the freezer until you have enough to make a batch.  I didn't have any stale bread so I just bought a loaf of po-boy bread, cut it up into pieces and let it get stale on the counter while I made the gumbo.

What I really liked about the recipe we learned in class was it uses a package of Vanilla Pudding mix.  Makes sense right? Bread PUDDING?  It definitively added to the moist texture.

Then I combined the milk, eggs etc and poured over the bread and pudding mix.  

I let this soak in for a good 10 minutes before transferring it to the baking dish.

I baked the bread pudding for 50+ minutes, and it turned a beautiful golden brown.

I made the breading pudding with Splenda instead of sugar so my dad (a diabetic) could enjoy some.  You definitively couldn't taste a difference.

We also learned how to make a Praline sauce, which was AMAZING!! There was no way to make this sugar free (Sorry Dad).

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